Xbox 360 手把

克麥2支援Xbox 360原廠手把跟大部分原廠授權的副廠手把. 這些手把都可以連接上克麥2並在各遊戲平台上操作使用.

















XB360手把連接克麥2時並無法使用手把上的耳麥功能, 若玩家XB360手把是在PS4或XB1上操作, 耳麥可以接至認證手把上(接在克麥2的A1 USB接口的手把).



Auth (USB)

Xbox One

USB / Wireless


Xbox One S

USB / Wireless / BT

YES (Not BT)

Xbox One Elite

USB / Wireless


Xbox One Elite S2

USB / Wireless / BT

YES (Not BT)

Xbox One consoles require an officially licensed Xbox One controller to authenticate Cronus Zen to an Xbox One console. This is called the 'Auth Controller' and can also be used as the primary gaming controller.

Important Note: For Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth support, a licensed controller that matches the console must be wired to Zen's A1 USB port at all times (in this case an Xbox One controller - see example below), because it is not possible to send Authentication or Headset data over Xbox One Bluetooth. A second wireless Xbox One Bluetooth controller can be paired to the Cronus Zen (P2 button) for full wireless gaming.

Wireless Adapters

The Xbox One Wireless Adapter is recommended over Bluetooth for Xbox One wireless support. Not only is it more reliable with faster pairing and re-syncing after a reset, but extra features include full Authentication so no second auth controller is required, and full audio support so you can connect a compatible headset direct to your Xbox One wireless controller (see example below).

Third-Party Licensed Controllers

Many licensed third-party Xbox One controllers support Authentication over USB. If you ever have an Xbox One controller that doesn't support Auth, simply connect an Auth Controller to Zen's A1 USB port and game with your preferred controller connected to A2.

Note: There is no Xbox One headset support over Bluetooth. The controller must be wired directly to Zen or use an Xbox One Wireless Adapter. If you have a Bluetooth third-party Xbox One controller such as the Scuf Prestige, you can still use the controller wirelessly with full audio by simply connecting your Headset directly to the Auth Controller that is wired to A1.

The same setup can be applied if audio isn't working with a third-party wired controller, simply connect the headset directly to an Auth Controller wired to A1 (see example below).

How to Unpair an Xbox One Controller

If your Xbox One wireless controller has already been paired to a console, we recommend it is unpaired to make sure there are no conflictions when pairing to Cronus Zen. This is especially important with Bluetooth models of Xbox One controller. The process is quite simple.

  1. Plug a USB cable to your Xbox One controller and connect it into any Windows PC.

  2. Wait until the Home LED stays solid white.

  3. The Xbox One controller is now safely unpaired from the console..

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