Nintendo Wii 手把

Cronus Zen supports most Nintendo Wii & Wii U original and licensed third-party controllers. They can be connected to all compatible gaming systems with full Mod & GPC scripting capabilities.

Main Supported Features

Official Nintendo Wii Controllers

Most variations of the official Nintendo Wii Controllers are compatible with Zen.

Nintendo Wii controllers are Bluetooth only. USB cables are used for charging.

Nintendo Wii USB Sensor Bar

We get asked a lot how it is possible for an Xbox One or PS4 to read the data from a Wii USB Sensor Bar.

Yes you can use a Wii USB sensor bar! It works as a reference for the Wiimote, which has a camera on the front that is looking for the Infra Red lights on the Sensor Bar, that is how it knows where it is pointing. So while the Cronus Zen does all the work in translating the signals, the Sensor Bar simply acts as a reference point to determine the Wiimote's location.

You can buy a Nintendo Wii USB Sensor Bar from our store 👉​

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